Art and nature are beautiful, transformative forces; proven to bring relaxation, creativity and general wellbeing to the human condition. The feeling of entering a gallery or standing still in the solitude of nature demonstrates just how powerful they can be. INARTISAN aims to imbue every product and experience with these two forces - holding art and nature as the guiding principles in all that we do.

The INARTISAN range encompasses furniture, original artworks, and distinctive homewares - all featuring natural character. Recycled timber is used extensively in our handcrafted indoor and outdoor furniture. Homewares are created from natural materials, often using traditional methods of production. Each piece of jewellery reveals its own unique connection to art and nature. Characterful imperfections are embraced and warmth is brought to environments. Reach out to our team or visit a showroom to explore customisations, interior design advice, and any commercial requirements.